Welcome to Pet Pro Mentoring!

What is Pet Pro Mentoring and how can it help you?

Mentoring is not a mystical process that guarantees success in everything you do! Mentoring is the idea of having a person as a type of personal coach. A mentor is someone to look to and help guide you in setting goals for you and your business, developing an action plan to achieve those goals and then helping you work towards that ultimate sense of empowerment so that you know you have the ability to continue to do all of this on your own! A mentor is someone to coach you thru the difficult times when everything is overwhelming or you feel stuck in a rut. Your mentor is also someone who should have a consulting background and familiar knowledge of your industry. They will help you to learn how to analyze yourself as a business owner and your business. The ultimate goal of mentoring is to help the client learn how to develop the skills and knowledge to conduct this personal and business analysis on their own in the future. Your mentor should always be there to “have your back”, but the future analysis will eventually be done by you once you have the knowledge,skills and confidence to do so!

Who is Pet Pro Mentoring ?

Cindy Vet is your mentor at Pet Pro Mentoring (PPM). (You can read Cindy’s bio on the Your Mentor, Cindy Vet page for a more in depth profile.) Cindy has a 13 year work history in both the professional pet sitting and veterainary field. She also has earned her graduate degree in Business Management with a concentration in Organizational Behavior and Development.

With Cindy’s education and work history, she is the ideal mentor for those in the professional pet industry! Cindy has the ability to objectively view and analyze a pet professional business to help you develop the following areas of your business:

Time Management



Streamlining Office Procedures

Website Evaluation and Development

SEO Analysis and covering the basics of how SEO can bring you new clients

Role Playing Conflict Resolutions with clients and employees

Learning ways to take control of and “owning” your business

Business Development Action Plans

Mission Statements

Goal development and evaluation

Creating Valuable Client Surveys

Pet Sitter Safety

Emergency situations for pets and the pet sitter

Modifying business practices to best suit your company and goals

For more on the Services, please check out the Services page


Who does PPM help?

PPM works with any business owner of the following businesses:

  • Professional pet sitting services
  • Pet groomers or salons
  • Veterinarians
  • Doggie Day Cares
  • Boarding Kennels
  • Trainers
  • Pet Photographers
  • Pet Behaviorists
  • other Pet Professional Businesses

What types of mentoring programs are there?

For individual business owners: a questionnaire will be sent to you asking questions about your goals, your company and the issues that you believe you need help working on in order to meet your goals.

For your employees and ICs: Cindy can customize a plan for your employees or ICs that will help them become a more valuable asset to your company and to help them offer better customer service to your valued clients. Since you the business owner can not specifically train ICs, this program offers you the ability to designate an incentive (increase % income for each sit, clients who book more frequently, etc.) to ICs if they are willing to participate in a continuing education type of program.

To learn more about how to use Periscope for your business, Therese Kopiwoda has put together a quickstart tutorial, http://www.socialmediahound.com/periscope-quickstart/

***Disclaimer: PPM does not offer legal or financial advice when it comes to the IC vs. employee debate or how you should best designate your business (LLC, S-Corp, INC., etc.).  PPM strongly urges all business owners to have a local business lawyer and accountant to help them with these decisions.